South Florida Alcohol Rehabilitation

Finding the most suitable rehab facility in Florida can be problematic. You first need to identify your needs then identifying which is the best on offer. Thankfully, you can find many rehab facilities at Delray Beach. One, however, stands out from the pack — Atlantic Treatment.

Atlantic Treatment provides group or individual treatments which:

Shape program content to suit your particular situation

Deliver the rehab experience with care and understanding

These key considerations put Atlantic Treatment right up there with Florida’s best. Friendly rehab staff are professional, offering top grade outcomes you expect.

Atlantic Treatment’s Florida alcohol rehab center offers its clients a broad range of addiction services. From outpatient services to group therapy, medical outpatient detox and Partial Hospitalization, IOP, cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing.

All these programs are available at Atlantic Treatment’s Delray beach facility along with related services like the 12 step program, group therapy, AA support group, individual or family therapy as well as NA and others.

Taken as a whole, these services achieve great results at a reasonable price. Programs are designed to offer exceptional value and great results.

Our professional team is always ready to help patient recovery. If you have tried to recover from alcohol or drug addiction but could never find a way that suited you, contact us now.

Atlantic Treatment can arrange prompt entry to the most effective addiction programs and state of the art equipment available in Delray Beach. In addition, our fully trained medical staff is equipped to deal with any eventuality.

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South Florida Medical Outpatient Detox

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Addiction can prove to be a traumatic episode in anyone’s life. The pain and tragedy of such events are for many the hardest things to overcome. Help is at hand, but attending meetings and family support isn’t always enough to bring about a full recovery.

Sometimes medical outpatient recovery is required to optimize the chances of recovery, which is often a lengthy process. Among the biggest positive actions you can take is to join an outpatient recovery program. If you live in the Southern Florida area, several options are available. Medical Outpatient Detox is something we can arrange with a fully licensed off-site partner medical outpatient detox facility.

Drug Rehabilitation

Many individuals suffer from overuse of narcotics — it’s one of the most commonplace types of drug addiction in the US. In Florida, drug rehab facilities are available.

Detoxing can play a pivotal role in improving the likelihood of a full recovery and Detox at a rehab center may be exactly what someone needs to take the next step toward recovery. Drug rehab facilities in Florida are of the highest quality and Atlantic Treatment is capable of guiding you through this difficult time.

Alcohol Recovery

Drug misuse is, beyond doubt, a global problem today. Alcoholism too is rampant across the world. Florida alcohol treatment centers are some of the best in the nation when it comes to their regional contribution to the fight against addiction.

For some, partial hospitalization or inpatient options, just isn’t enough. Those familiar with Narcotics or Alcoholics Anonymous will be aware that the keystone of recovery is trust — that being trusted with the responsibilities of daily life can make or break the fostering of a supportive recovery. We serve the South Florida area but we also have patients who travel from all 50 states to leverage these services in detoxification from substances, such as: Oxycodone, Roxicodone, Xanax, Cocaine, and more.

The options available for this recovery program provide the stability and support addicts cry out for. Atlantic Treatment Center is there to offer the extra care needed to bring about a successful recovery.