Individual and Family Therapy

Individual and Family Therapy

Atlantic Treatment Center: Individual and Family Therapy

Substance abuse is an illness. If neglected — through passive denial for example — it can lead to malignancy. It spreads to family members who become both an anchor to the addicted person and as an illusion of reality.

Addicts are helped by the realization that there is a problem and in finding ways to face their dependence. The knack is to remain actively present throughout the addict’s mental and physical recovery.

Individual therapy

A counselor is assigned to each client. Their first task is to help you determine what triggers your substance abuse or any other deep seated factors. The desired outcome is to prepare the recovering individual to cope with sober living and to foster a nurturing environment once home.

Sessions are attended by family and friends, to offer greater understanding of the issues, and to prepare them to face the challenges they too will face. An AA 12 step program for co-dependents who see the issues with ambivalence and who themselves struggle to come to terms with their loved one’s addiction.

Family therapy

At Atlantic Treatment families become an integral part of therapy, helping therapists address concerns and expectations, better strategies for meeting the challenges of recovery act as catalysts, promoting increasingly positive and productive behavior.

Treatment at Atlantic Treatment Center would provide you and your family with a great opportunity to start to overcome a demanding situation. At Atlantic Treatment Center we are sympathetic to the damaging consequences of any addiction. Together let’s fight this adversity at our Luxury Drug Rehab Centers in Florida.