Medical Outpatient Detox

Medical Outpatient Detox

Atlantic Treatment Center: Florida Medical Outpatient Detox

Detox is not without risk, which is why we offer only the highest standards of medically supervised detox services as another major step along the road to recovery.

We can arrange Medical Outpatient Detox through fully licensed off-site partners. Using Atlantic Treatment Center in South Florida for professional detox services, risk to patients is lowered and the chances of moving forward increase.

South Florida Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Whether your treatment is for drug or alcohol addiction, detox is an extremely positive step to recovery. We serve the Delray Beach, Broward, and Miami area but our patients travel from cities, states, or even other countries outside the US to detox from a variety of substances:

  • Roxicodone
  • Oxycodone
  • Xanax
  • Cocaine

Professional medical outpatient detox services prepare you for Atlantic Treatment Center’s IOP or PHP programs. We’ll answer any questions you about any of our services. Contact us to learn more.

Our patient services feature daily physician availability. Our over-arching approach is holistic in nature and 100% committed to helping our patients become drug and alcohol free, and ready to embark on a new and more productive future.