Partial Hospitalization Program

Partial Hospitalization Program

Atlantic Treatment Center: Florida Partial Hospitalization for Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is the Atlantic Treatment Center’s premium service for Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment in South Florida.

Our popular partial hospitalization program assists people from Delray Beach, Broward, and Miami as well as those outside Florida seeking to overcome dependency on drugs or alcohol. Atlantic Treatment caters to those living all over the country that choose to pursue their road to recovery in the south Florida sun.

The PHP program features gender-specific, individual luxury accommodations throughout rehab treatment. All facilities are actively supervised by professional drug counselors and hospital trained staff.

We treat addiction holistically and see all patients as individuals. Female patients often need help with related issues such as abuse, and depression. For men, anger is often the dominant emotion, leading on occasions to aggressive behavior. Our staff is mindful that life events lie at the root of much drug or alcohol dependency: accidents and other traumatic events, grief too may play a part.

Oceanside Addiction Treatment in Delray Beach, FL

Atlantic Treatment Centers’ patients find our Delray Beach location peaceful and non-threatening. Daily transport is provided to allow patients to take part in life-enhancing activities which give rise to an increased sense of contentment as an integral part of their recovery.

Residential care is not to everyone’s liking, however. For these patients we can arrange out-patient services while they recover.

Activities and Addiction Recovery Treatment Include:

  • Recovery and 12 step meetings
  • Walks and beachside activities
  • Spirituality discussions
  • Therapy that involves art and music
  • Horseback riding / equine therapy
  • Life coaching for healthy lifestyles and life skills
  • Yoga and other physical activities, such as swimming

We aim to free patients from their drug or alcohol dependency. Contact us for details of available programs at Atlantic Treatment Center, serving Delray Beach, Broward, and the Miami, FL area. Also attracting those struggling with addiction from all over the country.